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Using only the most carefully sourced natural ingredients, we have developed our own unique blends and flavours of cheeses and spreads.

All our products, including freshly baked wheat-free crackers, are made by hand.


Gourmaison is my GO TO for any entertaining I do at home! They have changed the way we look at a cheese platter. It's indulgent, rich, and surprising. No wonder lots of people are trying to replicate this. Imitiation is the best form of flattery, but please make note this is the original!

Kim Sharma (Actress and Entrepreneur)

Gourmasion has the most deliciously tasting and beautifully packaged  and presented cheeses, dips etc....they are a delight to gift, to yourself and others - never failing to impress

Rachel Kurien (Loyal Customer)

Thank you so so so much for the lovely cheese, crackers, and amazing spreads. The Truffle Edamame Snow was the BEST! They were so well packed. They lasted for over 12 days here in Kenya. Thank you so much!

Shilpa Arora (Customer from Kenya)

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Our Story

Most stories of a chef trace back to the kitchens of a parent or grandparent. And Sherry's journey into founding Gourmaison is no different. Inspired by her mother's cooking in the family kitchen, the fundamental tenets that good, healthy food, must have pure ingredients, were firmly ingrained in her. These principles have transpired into her belief that customers are family, and all her culinary creations must be in the form of fine, wholesome constituents.

This is now the story of Gourmaison