Do you deliver outside of Mumbai?

We have delivery kitchens in Mumbai and Gurgaon. Custom orders and gift orders can be couriered. 

How long before do I need to place an order? 

We offer both same day delivery and the option to book your date/time slot in advance. Monday through Saturday, there are time brackets available for you to select from as per your preference. 

What is your cheese made of?  What kind of cheese do you guys use?

We use a wide range of very high quality imported cheese to create our own blends. Each cheese is a unique blend created to compliment the flavour of the cheese we have developed. The cheese we use is from pasteurised milk. 

What are your most popular flavours?

Truffle pistachio, Herbs and pepper, Cheddar Chilly chives, Almond and berries

We are happy to share some suggestions, however as food is very personal some of our ‘popular items’ might not be the right fit. For example the truffle pistachio might not be for people who don't enjoy truffle. 

Can you send me a picture of the cheese to know what 75gms or 150gms looks like?

Cheese is sold in weight as it is a dense item, so you will not be able to tell the quantity via the image. We recommend 75gms for 2 people and 150gms for 3-4 people. Ofcourse, this is an estimate and the quantity required depends on other food items you are serving etc. 

Do you have soft cheese or hard cheese?

Our cheese is primarily soft, however we do have a few semi-hard options. Semi-hard cheese - Maison truffle, Italiano,  

Do you deliver platters?

Yes, we have two sizes we use for delivery. The 7x7 inch platter which is suitable for gifting and smaller groups and the 12’’ platter that works well for 4-7 cheese blocks. 

Large Platters are done by pick up only. These can be customised as per your requirement. 

How many people does a particular platter serve? 

Two cheese platter ( 4-5 people) 

Three cheese platter (6-7 people)

Four cheese platter (9-11 people) 

Five cheese platter (12-14 people) 

The above are rough estimates as of course the quantity depends on other food items that you will be serving etc.

Could you share a picture of the platter before it is sent out? 

We provide reference images as it is not feasible to share an image with every client on a daily basis. The platter will be designed and set up as per the reference image shared with you. 

My Mumbai pin-code is showing as unavailable for delivery. How can I order?

We use delivery services and charge a long distance fee for areas outside of our set delivery zone. Please message us on 9930173782 so we can help you with the order.