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Maison Truffle Cheese

Maison Truffle Cheese

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A handcrafted semi-hard cheese for cheese lover's that enjoy the finer things in life. The truffle flavour is prominent and provides an added layer of complexity, giving it a rich, earthy flavour. Perfect for spreading on crackers, or just pairing it with your favorite wine.

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Key facts for cheese

Vegetarian Yes
Storage conditions Consume within 2-3 hrs of delivery. If delayed, cheese must be kept refrigerated (2-5 C).
Shelf life Best consumed in 5 days when refrigerated.

How to Eat

The Maison truffle cheese was created for the truffle and cheese lover. It has a great texture that allows you to simply cut the cheese and take a bite. And that's exactly how we recommend you have it. Pair it with your favourite red wine and enjoy!